National Security and UFOs

National Security and UFOs
By John Prytz

If UFOs are a national security issue, and that’s been documented hundreds of times over, what does that say about the nature of the beast? Perhaps something real, artificial, foreign and under intelligent control.

The entirety of the UFO phenomena has got to be viewed through a national security lens, not the lens of the scientist or of science, for fairly obvious reasons akin to the scenario that if people are trespassing on your property and trying to break into your home then it is a police matter and not a concern for the cultural anthropologist or the behavioural scientist. So who’re you gonna call? – The police, not the scientist.

Assume it’s your job to head up America’s national security. All of a sudden you are inundated by a flap of these ‘flying disks’ origin and motive unknown. Your job is two-fold. Firstly, in private you fertilize your pants and then get the powers-that-be under your control to find out what the hell is going on. Secondly, you have to reassure the public, the great unwashed, that nothing (of national security significance) is going on. You have to publicly downplay The Situation while at the same time keeping under wraps the real nature of The Situation.

Publicly, the powers-that-be have always reassured the general public – the great unwashed – that UFOs pose no threat to national security, and I guess the quasi-proof of that pudding is that there has been no “War of the Worlds” scenario – to date.

So there are two components here. There’s the PR “nothing to see here, move along, everything is under control” and then there’s the behind the scenes, classified, need-to-know, investigations and findings and conclusions. Since UFOs are a classified national security matter, you (as in you), and we (the Royal We), do NOT have access to all the relevant data. The Royal We includes most scientists who have neither a need-to-know nor an appropriate security clearance.

But there are those who would have been in the need-to-know loop who have gone on the public record as stating that the UFO issue has the highest of all possible security classifications – at least in the United States – for again, fairly obvious reasons.

UFOs are Serious Business indeed. If not only (again in the U.S.) the military are involved in the UFO phenomena but so too the CIA, the NSA and (initially at least) the FBI as well. If all UFOs are just prosaic things (Venus, weather balloons, mirages, etc.) then there is no need for any ongoing security classifications and these agencies to devote time and resources to the issue. Yet when you do get to examine government UFO documents that have been routinely released after so many years have passed or have been released under the FOI Act you find that they have been declassified but even so, many will have some, most, even nearly all chunks blacked out. So, UFOs have to have represented, and still represent, some sort of potential threat by a foreign power, and E.T. would qualify as a foreign power.

It shouldn’t come as any great surprise that the various national security agencies of the United States and related countries like Canada, England, Australia, France, etc. would hold massive amounts of highly classified documents on or about Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Cuba and so on since these nations are potentially hostile and a potential national security threat. So it should come as no great additional surprise that UFOs are going to get the same classified treatment since they have been, are, and might continue to be a potential threat. Actually you’d be intuitively aware that every country, or nearly so, holds classified documents about every other country, friend or foe. That’s the name of the national security game. Trust no one!

You may recall the relatively recent event (1979-1980) where the NSA under the FOI Act was asked to disclose their UFO documents. A trickle of NSA UFO documents was acknowledged to exist by the NSA just because the CIA had admitted to their existence when they were petitioned under the FOI Act. However, the NSA refused to release the trickle of documents under national security provisions. That was challenged and taken to court (United States District Court, Washington, DC) and the judge (Judge Gerhard Gesell) ordered the NSA to do a more thorough search which revealed the NSA had hundreds of classified documents related to UFOs. The NSA refused to release them as well on the grounds of national security. It was then proposed that the NSA show the documents to Judge Gesell (as an independent umpire) in order to prove they had a legit case to refuse public release. The NSA refused to do that as well. In-camera, behind closed doors, the NSA did give Judge Gesell a 21-page brief explaining exactly why nobody was going to see those UFO documents. The judge ruled in favour of the NSA. Interestingly enough, the NSA briefing document itself was classified above top secret and was kept at bay from the public. However, that document was eventually released. It had been classified “Top Secret [BLACKED OUT]” and over 75% of the text was also blacked out. So you have to ask yourself, what is going on here?

You may also recall just several weeks ago (13 February 2015), John Podesta, former Chief of Staff to President Clinton and Senior Advisor or Counsellor to President Obama, retired his position to take up assisting with or even running the presidential campaign for Hillary Clinton, with his one regret being that in 2014 he was unable to get disclosure of what the powers-that-be, those behind closed doors, holding documents in secret locked filing cabinets, knew about the UFOs. That’s been an ongoing but unsuccessful quest of his. But not even the president and certainly not any presidential advisor could violate their security oaths and break the law so that might have been an empty gesture on Podesta’s part.

All that aside, I need note that the UFO extraterrestrial hypothesis did not just pop out of thin air. Something highly suggestive of that scenario is driving that hypothesis.

Evidence that the UFO hardcore isn’t natural or psychological is in the fact that there was a relative sudden flowering of the phenomena.

Evidence that the UFO hardcore isn’t cultural or sociological is the fact that it’s a worldwide issue. It’s not just an American issue – a common misconception – or even just an English language speaking phenomena.

Theory that says E.T. should be here (the Fermi Paradox) – in fact if they weren’t here that in its self would be an observation that would require an explanation. Actual observations come to the rescue and are very, very suggestive as noted above that they are here, so theory and observations match up and link – that’s science. If you have the theory without any observations or the observations without any suitable theory to back them up, then something is screwy somewhere.

As long as one bona-fide hardcore UFO remains on the books, the UFO ETH remains a viable option. It only takes one hardcore UFO report to ultimately prove the UFO ETH, or rather the fact that intelligent extraterrestrials do in fact exist, and that we (Royal We) aren’t the proverbial “It” in the cosmos. Given that there are over 700 official USAF unknowns (and probably a hell of a lot more that have come to pass post the official closure of the USAF UFO investigation), and thousands more if you add in the rest of the world’s totals, I think the UFO ETH will be alive and well and ever so viable for quite some time to come.

By the way, don’t bother so much with reading the hundreds of popular authored tomes on UFOs unless the author(s) were themselves part of the powers-that-be and/or reproduce official government documents for you to view. For the most part the best way IMHO to come to terms and acquaint your own self with the UFO phenomena is to read all of the unclassified publicly released PR documents from the powers-that-be. Then read all of the declassified documents that have been released either under a ‘so many years have elapsed’ rule or via the FOI Act or via unauthorized leaks. Web sites are good sources to find both sets. Compare and contrast the two different sets. It’s going to be a real eye-opener.

Science librarian; retired.

Article Source: National Security and UFOs

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